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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Car tabs bill

Credit: KIMT
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Car tabs bill
Car tabs bill
Changing reasons to pull someone over

From covid?


Daunte wright's deadly encounter with police on sunday began with officers pulling him over for expired license plate tabs.

And now ?

*- a southern minnesota lawmaker is proposing a change that would stop officers from making traffic stops for that reason.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson joins us live to explain ?

"* annalise?

Amy ?

"* the lawmaker i spoke to today argues that valid tabs on people's vehicles ?

"* like this one ?

"* don't make the rod any more safe ?

"* it just provs you've paid your taxes.

Representative jeremy munson of lake crystal drafted a bill that would remove expired tabs as a primary offense ?

"* with the goal of reducing the number of traffic stops.

He tells me what happened to daunte wright this week is an indicator of the need to prevent a confrontation between the police and public.

He also says law enforcement shouldn't serve as tax collectors for the state ?

"* when a driver is otherwise following all traffic laws.

Munson acknowledges a criticism of his bill... that pulling over people with expired tabs sometimes leads to the discovery of warrants for people's arrest or unpaid parking the same could be true if we only pulled over cars with large rust holes or damage to the body of the car because people with less money would tend not to pay their tickets.

So i don't think we should be profiling based on expired tabs.

That's a good reason why we should be removing this as a primary offense the bill is going to be introduced in the house ?

"* but we are passed the legislative deadline... so to be passed ?

"* it either needs o be ammended onto the transportatio n bill ?

"* or wat until next year.

Live in rochester annalise johnson kimt thank you annalise.

Representative munson is also working on a bill that would create permanent tabs for older vehicles ?

"* that would pass from owner to owner when the vehicle is sold.