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Friday, 18 June 2021

Cycle Zydeco Wraps Up, More Cycle Trails In Store

Credit: KADN
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Cycle Zydeco Wraps Up, More Cycle Trails In Store
Cycle Zydeco Wraps Up, More Cycle Trails In Store
Cycle Zydeco Wraps Up, More Cycle Trails In Store

Cyclists from 41 states and if you countries we were projected to have 800, but cove it and everything.

So we were grateful to have 350 people that we came and welcome tomko, deanna and katie, anna and cajun country.

Thank you.

So much for the hospitality you showed to our riders that people were just coming up to me and telling me how amazing this locals were to them and i'm grateful to you all for that.

We had some volunteers that worked 14 hour days, and we had volunteers that had put in over 200 hours of volunteering before the event even started.

Flossie turner, carrie barrons.

A little bit that down jeffrey long song these people put in just weeks and weeks of time before they even started and not to mention the people that were there for five days.

I'm working 14 hours and we are so humbled by their service.

And it was.

It was just amazing when we met, and it's so many amazing people, just the volunteers that were here and i know it was.

It was humbling.

That's that's the only word i can say.

Just the gratitude from the riders and the help from.

The volunteers that we could have never done.

We could.

We couldn't have done it without them already in the works because it takes.

It takes a long time.

And of course we have 11 events a year through trail at l.

A trail that organ and are we have three more this season.

So the 24th and 25th we have.

By over a million paddle battle, which is appalling event and also start by you blast which is on a sunday the 25th so that'll be out of super more point another paddling event, and then the 26 we welcome more cyclist or four days of cycling, starting in lafayette, then heading to morgan city.

Battle rouge le plus and then off to new orleans.

So that's the ball bike across louisiana, and that will finish off our season and then we have four very short months to plan the 11 events that will come up behind it.

The first being the responders race kind of.

Run a mile in their shoes, but it will be five k 10-k instead.


That will be for our first responders that i hold right here because i d code dot organ.

And if you want to volunteer, we're always looking for people and there's a buck tearing westside on link on both of