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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Registration is now open for YMCA summer camps

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Registration is now open for YMCA summer camps
Registration is now open for YMCA summer camps
Registration is now open for YMCA summer camps

As we inch as we inch as we inch closer to summer..

You may be wondering where to send your kids for summer camp.

On news 10 first at five we told you about multiple summer camps happening at the vigo county y-m-c-a.

Now you'll hear more details about them.and how you can register.

News 10's bri shackelford joins us to explain more.

Right now is the perfect time to start registering your kids for summer camp.

With covid-19 restrictions lifting...and many camps taking place this don't want to miss out on making sure your kids have somewhere to go.

[take pkg incue: "the vigo county.... outcue: ....of normalcy back."

Duration:1:20] the vigo county y-m-c-a tells me this year's camp will feature many new things....and make sure kids are learning something new.

Youth director cayce evans says during this past school year.many kids weren't able to learn the way they normally would.

"we're going to be addressing learning loss in fun new ways, so it won't be your typical sit- down and read out of a book do an assignment type of thing, everything will be hands-on.

" evans tells me one way they are addressing this is by including field trips in the summer camp.

Those field trips include going different locations such as the indianapolis children's museum..fair oak farms.and a trip to the basketball hall of fame in indianapolis.

"so parents can either just sign up for the specialty camps, or they can sign up for our day camp and then add on a specialty camp.

So then we would just take them from the regular camp to the specialty camp."

Evans hopes to be able to cater to everyone's needs.

She tells me she's thrilled to be able to give kids more opportunities on what they missed out on this past year.

While making sure the kids enjoy their time off.

"i'm excited to let the kids be able to play together this year.

Last year with the way the pandemic was the kids couldn't even play a board game the typical way kids would play it.

So, it's exciting that we can get some type of normalcy back."

Registration registration registration is now open for all the camps the vigo county y-m-c-a is offering.

For information on how to sign up you can go to our website.



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