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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Crawfish Music Festival kicks off at the Coast Coliseum

Credit: WXXV
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Crawfish Music Festival kicks off at the Coast Coliseum
Crawfish Music Festival kicks off at the Coast Coliseum

Crawdads and good music will collide for the rest of the week as an annual festival returns to the grounds of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

- as an annual festival returns t- the grounds of the mississippi- coast coliseum.

- news 25's grant chighizola is - live in biloxi with more as the- first - night of fun is set to kick off.

Wxxv tailored blaming the weather out here at the mississippi coliseum ground.

Th annual conference music possible prize will article for good note doubt your joining ms. jamie nash is the special event coordinator at the coliseum complex and jamie gilford.

They want what we have going on out here and you got a delicious treat in your hands right here is what vendors did try local some from new orleans have the air going on the modified and we have a lot of merchandise and there's sam monetizing the delicious delicious all me on your homework about right there absolutely jamie, i know that you know the wayne is concerned throughout the weekend.

What's kind of weird here for the weather and these musical headliners.

Yeah, that's right it is rain or shine event and we have a backup and we can go indoors at our watching very close to you in heaven for the bad.

As you know, nothing can stop by around here absolutely will the way we do mississippi jamie brady for joining us in warsaw.

The officials way to just check the weather before you head on out your throughout the weekend and just keep in mind the weather aware of was much more tonight at nine o'clock one for now


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