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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Uptick in air travel as restrictions ease up and vaccines continue

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Uptick in air travel as restrictions ease up and vaccines continue
Uptick in air travel as restrictions ease up and vaccines continue

COVID-19 hit the airline industry pretty hard, but as more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are lifted on land, there’s been an uptick in air travel across the nation.

- covid hit the airline industry- pretty hard, but as more people- get vaccinated and restrictions- are lifted on land, there's - been an uptick in air travel- across the nation.- according to the most recent- numbers released by the - tsa, yesterday, april 13th saw- 1-million, 85-thousand, 34- people traveling by air in the- united - d to just 87,534 people that da- one year ago in 2020.

- yesterday's numbers are - - - encouraging, but still less tha- half of the airline passengers- documented by - the tsa two years ago in 2019.- as for the gulfport-biloxi- international airport, the- first quarter of this year saw - steady uptick in airline- passengers and airport leaders- remain optimistic about the res- of the year's outlook.- for those planning to fly by ai- anytime soon...some good- advice....- - clay williams, executive- director, - gulfport-biloxi international - airport: "we encourage those wh are traveling,- since this evolves on a - day-to-day basis with great - frequency, to check with your - airline.

Also check with the- market where you may be - traveling, so from state to - state,- country to country those- processes and protocols that ar- in place vary so it's - - - - important that you do some- advanced planning as a traveler- do that so you can- have a nice, safe, enjoyable- trip."

Regardless of where you're- heading, you must wear a mask - at all times at u-s airports- upon entering the facility, at- check - points, and on flights while- also adhering to other safety - measures in place


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