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Friday, 18 June 2021

Veteran's Home Vaccinates Residents, Employees

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Veteran's Home Vaccinates Residents, Employees
Veteran's Home Vaccinates Residents, Employees

WAAY-31's Ashley Carter discusses how a veteran's home will be able to vaccinate residents and employees.

On the coronavirus tab.

A local veteran's home will now be able to vaccinate its residents and staff in a more effective manner!

Waay 31's ashley carter joins us live from tut fann veteran's home..

She learned about the new program the facility is part of.


Tut fann is now a part of the covid-19 vaccination program which means not only will they be able to store their own vaccines...but adminster them to residents and staff as well.

Inside the facilities pharmacy....a fridge will hold their supply of however many moderna vaccines they need at the time.

Tut fann will also not have to outsource other pharmacies to adminsiter the doses.

Their staff will be able to give the shots so nobody has to leave the facility to get their vaccines --- which reduces the risk of exposure for both the residents and the staff.

Another benefit is once residents are fully vaccinated....they'll be allowed close contact visits which is something the regional vice president of operations says is greatly needed for many of their residents that means they can hold the hand of their daughter that they might not have seen in almost a year the facility is still awaiting their first doses to come in....but they say residents and staff are already have peace of mind knowing they have access to a program like this.

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