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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

EPD Starting Walking Wednesdays Program

Credit: WEVV
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EPD Starting Walking Wednesdays Program
EPD Starting Walking Wednesdays Program
EPD Starting Walking Wednesdays Program

See a friendly face*in uniform --- strolling down your street*as spring turns to summer.

44news reporter marisa patwa -- caught up with officers*on a new type of patrol.

She is live in evansville -- with the unique program.

And it's no short walk -- these officers are covering several miles as a part of their new walking wednesdays program last week -- it was the jimtown and jacobsville neighborhoods.

And today -- it was the south east side on lodge avenue on wednesday's walk --- several crime prevention officers walked alongside the assistant chief -- checking in on community members "they'll come out and want to talk about things in the neighborhood maybe they didn't feel was significant to call 911 and since we're in the area -- they'll bring it up."

Even catching up with a former police officer "it's always a pleasure -- anytime -- stop by -- we're glad to have you guys around."

With one woman giving officers water half way through the trek "there's 120 thousand citizens in evansville -- only about three hundred officers -- so the likelihood of those citizens meeting the officer or every officer meeting a citizen is not that high."

And while the epd already tries to empower the younger generation through cops connecting with kids and toy drives at christmas -- this is just another way to reach them "we have to build that trust at a young age -- so they're comfortable with law enforcement as they grow older and hopefully they stay in our community."

The hope -- is that more people will start seeing the police as friends -- not the enemy "when we're patrolling -- we're in a car -- that's a barrier -- i know there is an officer in my neighborhood but i don't know who that officer is.

This puts us right there to be accessible."

Next wednesday -- epd officers will be walking near the grand view tower apartments.

Reporting live in evansville marisa patwa 44news