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Monday, 21 June 2021

State management crews working on clearing Almeda corridor

Credit: KDRV
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State management crews working on clearing Almeda corridor
State management crews working on clearing Almeda corridor

The task force is combined of groups from the Oregon Departments of Transportation, Environmental Quality and Emergency Management.

And this doesn't mean men arnowf the mobile home parks as they look to rebuild.

Newswatch 12's adam schumes spent the day with debris management task force that oversees the clean up and joins us now with an update.

Right now state management crews are working on mobile home communities like the coleman creek estateto making sure familes can get back into their homes a lot faster.

This is a process that started back in mid january.

This is all apart of the almeda fire corridor.

The oregon departments of transportation, environmental quality and emergency management are jointly leading this effort as the debris management task force.

The process works as a two step process.

Step one was all about removing household hazardous waste.

Step two which is the clean up that they are currently in.

That is the removing of metal, concrete pads then they remove the ash and debris.

Concrete is recycled the metals recycled, and then the ash and debris is all taken to landfill.

Um, and then really one of the last steps that we need to undertake is the removal of hazard trees.

Um, on many of them, the sites, there are trees that were up that, that, that are gone.

They're essentially dead trees now.

Um, they pose a hazard to the built environment afterwards.

Right now kevin says they have 118 crews working on the field.

10 are regular removal crews.

6 additional crews are abestos crews.

Which are the crews that are working on propoerites like the coleman creekk estates.

And 2 crews who are doing tree removal.

Kevin says the timetable for completion on the work is still consistent with what has been said when the clean up was


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