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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

ISU Soccer

Credit: WTHI
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ISU Soccer
ISU Soccer
Women fall in MVC Tourney semifinals

Welcome back... the indiana state women's soccer team has put together their best season in program history... wednesday the sycamores were looking for their first mvc tourney win since 2016.... the mvc tourney semi-finals featured valpo at indiana state.

Late in the 2nd half, valpo on the attack but maddie alexander is there with the save to keep things scorelss.

After 90 minutes of no goals we'd head to overtime.

In the 1st ot, cece wahlberg's shot is blocked by a defender but jensen marg-hair comes flying in with the second shot, just off the mark.

In 2nd ot, isu gets three great shots at the game winning goal, but the ball will not find the back of the net as valpo's keeper makes the final save and clears everyone out.

One minute left before we head to pk's when disaster strikes for isu, as valpo get's the ball past alexander to score the game winning goal.

Valpo ends the sycamores best season, winning one-nothing in the mvc


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