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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Group rallies against Roseburg High School Indians mascot

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Group rallies against Roseburg High School Indians mascot
Group rallies against Roseburg High School Indians mascot

A small group of alumni and community members gathered in front of Roseburg High School Wednesday evening with signs in support of making a change.

4" the roseburg school board has a work session tonight to further discuss making changes to the high school indian mascot name.

Thank you for joining us tonight i'm chynna greene.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza is live outside the high school right now& where some people are expected to show their support for the change.

That right chynna?as you can see there are already two people in front of roseburg high school to show support for the mascot change... and i'm told they expect more people to show in the next few hours.

However, some supporters tell me they've stood out here with their signs before every board meeting over the last month& even though the board had no plans to discuss the mascot.

The last time the board met to talk about changing the indian name was in late february& after the district collected more than two thousand responses in community input.

They held off on voting on anything& to give themselves more time to discuss the response.

I spoke to kalli albertus earlier today& who plans on attending the rally and meeting later this evening.

She says it important they come to every meeting& to show the board theye not going down without a fight.

Kalli albertus, roseburg hs alumni:?for many of us supporting this movement and supporting this change, it is about standing out there still, it about not being forgotten or hoping this blows over?

10 seconds however, a group of community members are still trying to make sure the mascot stays the same.

They were collecting signatures back in february to turn in to the district& showing their support to*keep the roseburg indians name.

Those people were not able to speak with me today& but they say they are planning on attending tonight meeting and making their voices heard too.

On kezi 9 news at five, youl hear from more people hoping to see the mascot changed& and what they plan to say during tonight public comment.

Live in roseburg evita garza kezi 9