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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Body of Kori Gauthier found in river

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Body of Kori Gauthier found in river
Body of Kori Gauthier found in river

We now know that a body discovered on the Mississippi river has been identified as Kori Gauthier the missing LSU freshman from Opelousas.

Some heart-breaking news today.... we now know that a body discovered on the mississippi river has been identified as kori gauthier... the missing lsu freshman from opelousas... her family made the announcement just hours ago on facebook.

News1's kourtney williams has been following this story.

She joins us live in the studio with more.

Tha's right--we finally have some answers in the search for 19-year-old kori gauthier from opelousas but was't the ending we were all hoping for..

Sot unfortunately we have been it has been confirmed that it was my nieces body found in the river near reserve louisiana the body that was found yesterday in the mississippi river in st.

John the baptist parish was identified as kori gauthier by her uncle spencer gauthier.

The lsu freshman has been missing since last week authorities say her car was found early wednesday morning after another driver crashed into it.

Her phone and wallet were later found still inside.

Her uncle said in a facebook live video that the healing process starts now though the road to closure began in tragedy sot boy or girl man or woman if your going through anything in life get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations life is worth living in all honesty life is worth living never give up the united cajun navy called off the volunteer search for kori gauthier on tuesday due to severe weather.

Spencer gauthier says it takes a village and everyone should come together in times trouble regardless of race.

Sot it takes a village to raise children these days as we were all taught that coming up ourselves everybody child should be treated like our owns regardless the race regardless the religious beliefs regardless of political affliations lsu chief of police bart thompson stated based on cell phone tracking, video footage and a timeline of the events related to this case combined with other evidence we shared with kor's parents that we are not at liberty to disclose publicly out of respect for their privacy we have concluded that there was no criminal activity or foul play involved."

The gauthier family has asked to extend their sincerest thanks to all law enforcement officials and volunteers who helped in the investigation and the search... they thank everyone for their support during this time, and ask to please respect their privacy in the days and weeks going forward back to you candace thanks kourtney... here at news 15 we extend our prayers and


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