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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Student Athlete of the Week: Harrison Central Softball’s Melina Seiferd

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Student Athlete of the Week: Harrison Central Softball’s Melina Seiferd
Student Athlete of the Week: Harrison Central Softball’s Melina Seiferd

Even after a full day of school and practice, this week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week can never bear to part ways with the softball field.

Wednesday... which news- 25's grace boyles is shining a- spotlight on a student-athlete- - - - who excels on the field... as - well as in the classroom.

- even after a full day of school- and practice... this week's w-x- x-v student-athlete of the- week... can hardly stand... to- be away from the softball field- harrison central's melina - seiferd has been known to watch- an entire middle school game...- and then proceed to help- the players rake the field... - or... as seiferd would call - it... her - second home.- - <nats>- melina seiferd, harrison centra- senior: "i did gymnastics first- and i - was like 'oh no, this is not fo- me.'

And then my dad brought me- - - - to saucier ball field and signe- me up and i was like 'this is - the sport.'

And ever since then- i fell in love with - it."- from gymnastics... to soccer...- and eventually... - softball... harrison central's- melina seiferd found- her true calling on the - diamond... in more ways than- one.- offensively... the senior is a- clean up hitter... currently- leading the red rebelettes in r- b-i's.- defensively... she can hold it- down at both corner infield - spots...- and in the circle as a- pitcher... where she prides - herself... on - keeping opponents guessing... a- all times.- melina seiferd, harrison centra- senior: "my specialty would be- my drop - curve.

It just gets people- because they just think it's on- the outside corner of the - plate and then it just drops- right after them.

So that's - probably one of my specialties.- and - then when my change up's on tha- one's a real good one too."

- melina seiferd, harrison centra- senior: "the good thing about a- pitcher,- when you hit, you get a base- runner, so i don't have to run.- seifred was pulled up in the 8t- grade when the j-v team was - in need of more pitchers.

Since- then, the senior has been - serving - the softball program in whateve- capacity her- team asks of her.

- jimmy parker, harrison central- softball head coach: "we moved- her up- and she's learned the game.

- she's matured.

And right now, - she's looking like a coach- on the field."- twice during her time as a- rebelette, harrison - central has blazed its way to - the finals... falling just- short of the 6-a state title.

- despite not bringing home a - gold glove yet.... seifred's- heart bleeds red and black.

- melina seiferd, harrison centra- senior: "it's just an honor to- actually be in- the school district, to actuall- play for coach parker and all o- them because they know- how to win."- jimmy parker, harrison central- softball head coach: "the littl- stuff wins- big ball games and that's what- we try to teach our kids.

Littl- stuff wins big ball - games."

- this fall, seiferd will be- suiting up in maroon and white- as a part - of the hinds community college- softball team.

In gulfport, - grace boyles, news 25.- - harrison central currently hold- a 19-3-1 record...- and sits a top region 8 class - 6-a... with an un-defeated- record- in district play.

- if you know of anyone on the- - - coast that deserves to be - featured... as the news 25- student-athlete of the week...- you can reach out to news 25's- grace boyles via email, twitter- or facebook... at the accounts- shown on your screen.

- feel free to nominate any - student-athlete of any age... - and - be sure to tune in, every - wednesday... to see who grace - spotlights