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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

BBB Warns of Crowdfunding Scams

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BBB Warns of Crowdfunding Scams
BBB Warns of Crowdfunding Scams
BBB Warns of Crowdfunding Scams

Identifiable information.

And you know the kid in areas so great and are hospitable nature and a lot of times when we want to give back.

We want to do that financially, so scammers create fake pages fake account through go fund me, maybe fake things on facebook message and people saying that they are collecting donations for this cause that everybody's aware of because it's one of the current stories going on.

And in the end, it's a scammer.

They have nothing to do with that case or that.

You know it's particular instance.

And they're just stealing our money.

They would like you to donate typically if they have something set up, they're gonna have it set up through this one way.

You know, it's not.

It's not hard for scammers of these unethical people to find pictures and make these things sound realistic.

So just make sure if you're donating funds, especially through a crowd funding side or you're paying through some type of digital wallet app.

It's really hard to recover those funds, so just make sure you know.

Exactly where they're going and what they're going to be used for.

Yes, these days to get information out.

So all you do is create a pain.

Start sharing that with everybody.

And before you know it, it almost goes viral and everybody is donating to this unethical person.

So just make sure that you know who you're giving those funds to.

And if you.

Have it in your heart to donate for a


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