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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Viewers Choice Awards: Sayre Christian Village 4/15/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Viewers Choice Awards: Sayre Christian Village 4/15/2021
Viewers Choice Awards: Sayre Christian Village 4/15/2021

Karen Venis and Lyssa High talk about Sayre Christian Village and Friendship Towers getting nominated for the Viewer Choice Awards!

Low sunday night and 40 ... c1 3 karen- ceo: and thank you for being here today.

Lyssa-host: well, you know what, first of all, congratulations on your accomplishment of being nominated three times in our viewers choice awards.

Big accomplishment.

Karen- ceo: thank you so much, we're proud of that.

And we attribute that to our great, amazing staff, our wonderful reputation and supporters, just like you.

Lyssa-host: well, you know what?

Speaking of reputation, everyone knows that you all have this amazing award-winning assisted living facility here, but what made you decide to expand into memory care as well?

Karen- ceo: really just listening to the needs of not only our current population, but those that are looking for housing and placement for their loved ones.

The phone has been ringing for assisted living memory care because of covid, because of isolation,because of just the aging process.

And we have a lot of different spaces and levels of care on our campus, but this is one that we desperately need and we're excited to offer.

Lyssa-host:, the last time we were here, we touched a little bit upon the best friends approach.

Can you explain that to us, please?

Karen- ceo: absolutely.the best friends approach was developed right here in lexington, kentucky at the university of kentucky.

And it's one where we teach all of our sce guys, our housekeeping crew, rn that resident.

Learn their come their best friend.

And we usssa: i love that.

I think that is ao.

This about that too.

Karen- cested live nice thing at assiss folks that live here that justsf care progresses.

Theyove up g memory care community, and havst hon too?

Karen- ceo: the easiest wau can call the facility 271e screen.

Lyssa-host: it schedule a tour.e happy to have.

Lyssa-host: great.

Andyou are taking reservations right now, is that correct?

Karen- ceo: absolutely.there's a rumor out there that we're always full.

We've got availability and we'd be happy to have you come to our facility.

Lyssa-host: wonderful.well, karen, thank you so much for being with us today.

We appreciate it.

Karen- ceo: thank you for having us.

You have a good one.