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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Krug Park Amphitheater renovation push continues

Credit: KQTV
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Krug Park Amphitheater renovation push continues
Krug Park Amphitheater renovation push continues
Krug Park Amphitheater renovation push continues

Krug park amphitheater that would draw in a-list talent and concert-goers from around the region is building up some steam.... leading advocates for the project are now speaking directly with the public to win their vote -- even going to service club meetings, like they did today with eastside rotary.

Kq2's danielle soxy with more now on how this project could bring major change to st.

Joseph... <<<(reporting, danielle sachse) sot: al purcell, krug park advocate "so the potential in our area is enourmous."local advocate al purcell is going straight to source now on convincing the public to make a change for the future in st.

Joseph...sot: al purcell, leading advocate for krug park amphitheater "so the potential in our area is enormous.

What if we were looking at something here that starts drawing in 500 to 600 thousand people starting in the late spring through the early fall on a weekly basis coming into this particular community and spending that kind of money and the impact it will have on this particular community."the city council and other local leaders are on board for the renovation, but now it's up to the public to decide...sot: erik mcguire, rotary member "i think that having big-name events and concerts would be a real plus."but there are some concerns that follow..."i do think some members of the community may not be as interested in having all these people come from out of town being the primary people using it because krug park is a great gem for st.

Joe now with less traffic.

So that might be something the community would talk about, the quant nature of the park right now."a recent bond vote in favor of building a new school failed, so the question is, how will the community be convinced to vote yes and spend more money?sot: erik mcguire, rotary member "what drives public supporter opposition?"

And, i think that the public would support initiatives if it was perceived that the public had input in the outcome because i don't think st.

Joseph, from what i've seen, is anti having good things for its citizens and the whole community.

But sometimes there are a lot of questions and it might feel like they don't understand how it benefits them."reporting in st.

Joseph, danielle sachse kq2 news> some of the financial costs are still being worked out and planners aren't even sure yet if they'll need to go to voters on a bond request.if the new amphitheater comes into being, planners say concerts could attract crowds of 25,000 or maybe more per event -- hundreds of thousands of visitors each


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