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Friday, 25 June 2021

The Sound of Speed Airshow is returning May 1st

Credit: KQTV
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The Sound of Speed Airshow is returning May 1st
The Sound of Speed Airshow is returning May 1st
The Sound of Speed Airshow is returning May 1st

Set to return to st.

Joseph this year.

There will be some changes due to the pandemic at rosecrans memorial airport..

But one mainstay -- a headline act.

This year, the thunderbirds will make an appearance in st.

Joseph for the first time in more than twenty years.

Kq2's mitchell riberal now with more from event organizers.

<<mitchell riberal reporting (nat sound, music behind parachute)after spending last year on the sidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic sound of speed airshow is ready for takeoff in st.joseph.

Sot: captain owen compton: dir.

Of sound of speed airshow: "we're super excited to host the 2021 sound of speed airshow here in conjunction with the 139th airlift wing open house" and its not just a big thing for st.

Joseph, it's a milestone..

Sot: captain owen compton: "in 2021 we will be the first military airshow in the nation" the airshow will be held on may 1st and may 2nd but there are going to be changes this year.

Sot: abe forney airport gm: "everybody's gonna have to have a ticket this year.

This is a little different" the air show is free, but the tickets will help monitor the crowds "that way we can see how many people we have.

We're limiting the number of people coming to the airshow" officials say the number of spectators allowed..

Is not set yet..because they are re-evaluating every week the potential amount they could host.

Those who do attend, not only get to see the planes in the sky, they will also get to see them up close on solid ground.

"are gonna be able to get up close and personal with those planes that their tax dollars have purchased and are in the air force inventory.

Which we're always super excited to show off and have people kind of interact with those assets."

After a year without the event, officials are ready to put on a great show and bring some excitement to spectators sot: captain owen compton: "this is an opportunity for a really good event to happen and, and hopefully for folks to get out and celebrate what we hope is the end, or the near end of this pandemic."

Reporting in st joseph, mitchell riberal, kq2 news general adminission tickets to the show are free -- upgraded tickets do have a cost.

To order your tickets go to s-t- j- air show dot com softball double header took