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Tuesday, 15 June 2021


Credit: KADN
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Dollars annually.

Businesses in acadiana are struggling to hire people right now as the covid-19 pandemic 1's patsy douglas has more on how the're moving foward ..

Sot - "we ca't even get them to do one application" vo - while service is booming ..

More help is needed behind the counters at shop-rite and tobacco..

Sot - "i's really hard , 'm supposed to be like a part time worker and 'm here from 4 am to about 2-3 o clock everyday now.

Ya know its hard on my family and its hard on me" vo - there are 60 shop rite and tobacco locations across the state.

Almost all of them are short staffed ..sot - "everybody is a little bit stressed out and we are looking for answers as to when this is going to end" vo - the company has also increased pay hoping that it would help lure applicants.

Those efforts have failed..

Sot - "we have implemented things like retention bonuses, trying to keep people to stay past 90 days, they get something"some blaming pandemic unemployment and stimulus checkssot "people rather stay at home than go to work"vo - as summer approaches, their wish is to see an increase in employment within the stores across the state and acadiana ..sot - "w're really hoping that there will be and end, but we do't see it yet"vo -- patsy douglas news 15 if yo're job hunting and want to apply more info is on our website k-a-d-n dot com.