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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Business "sews" it's roots deeper during pandemic

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Business 'sews' it's roots deeper during pandemic
Business "sews" it's roots deeper during pandemic
Business "sews" it's roots deeper during pandemic

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

Covid 19 has impacted everyone but it has hit small..

Locally owned businesses even more.

That's why federal and state governments have stepped in to provide some support.

News 10's sarah lehman sat down with one locally owned small business today.

She has more on why they did "not" get relief loans righ away -- and how they survived.

The paycheck protection program covid relief has helped a lot of small businesses across the coiuntry.

But -- it's also left some hanging and fighting for their business.

Pk} na} with the whir of a sewing machine... na} the bang of a hammer... na} and the bustle of customers... mamas mending in marshall illinois has been pretty busy the past few weeks.

"business is booming" but -- this time last year -- the three person business got the news.

"and said as of friday you guys are closed.

No more business.

Just sorry!"

And right in the middle of prom season.

Charla evinger is a co owner of mamas mending.

She says that's the busiest time for them.

And it's when they make half of their revenue for the year so -- they lost a lot and couldn't take any jobs.

That's when they say the reality of what was happening started to hit "it was kind of a struggle financially because we werent able to pay heahter."

Heather brown is the only paid employee.

So -- they applied for the first round of the paycheck protection program.

But -- before they could even get all of the information in...the program ran out of money.

"so she had only been working about 3 whole months when she no longer got paid."

Now -- they are getting back on track and brown is able to get a paycheck.

That's why when the second oppurtunity for the p-p-p loan came around -- evinger says she didn't even bother.

"i mean i get it.

Everybody on the planet that classifies as a small business which is under 500 employees so that's a lot of people by the time they got to the one employee you know they're trying to keep the most people getting money as possible."

Mamas mending did find and benfit from other small loans to help during the pandemic.

The ppp covid relief loan is being extended for those who got the second loan back to you