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Sunday, 20 June 2021

12 Points Revitalization

Credit: WTHI
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12 Points Revitalization
12 Points Revitalization
12 Points Revitalization


Music fans will love a new business coming to town.

It's the newest addition to revitalize 12-points in terre haute.

News 10's hannah follman has more on how one local resident's love for music is also helping to turn an area of the community around.

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Duration:1:43] hanna} what started out as a love for vinyl records soon turned into her very own business here at 12 points.... eleanor jones is an avid music lover who turned her passion for music into her own business!

"the local vinyl is setting up to be atmosphere to embrace local music and music history and listen to it through the medium of vinyl records" from a young age, jones has wanted to share her passion with the community.

She started collecting vinyl records at just 15 years old.

Now, she can celebrate music with the community.

In december 2018, jones started the local vinyl as a pop-up shop at events and farmers' markets.

Now she has her very own storefront opening its doors sometime this summer.

"i am really excited to be part of this neighborhood and hopefully bring music festivals and host some local musicians here in the storefront..

I want to get the community together to celebrate the musicians we have because we have a lot of awesome musicians in terre haute."

The local vinyl is part of the year of 12 vinyl is part of the year of 12 initiative an initiative to bring twelve new businesses in twelve months to the area.

"were so excited about the momentum in the neighborhood and we are doing this together.

Theres a lot of people who want to see this community come back to life and we are working to do it opening up a new storefront can be stressful, but jones wants to thank her local community members for all of the support.

"a lot of people are looking people are "a lot of support.

"a lot of people are looking forward to have a record store here in town."

Coming up at six we will hear more on the success of the year of 12 initiative back to you.