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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Gun Violence Awareness Rally

Credit: KADN
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Gun Violence Awareness Rally
Gun Violence Awareness Rally
Gun Violence Awareness Rally

So many others that have been reaching out from the city of rain.

But with her being in leadership, she reached out to me.

Us to organize this with all of ah, the crimes that are taking place with our young people, which is a broad and you know not only our kiddie on the area, but even around the globe.

So ah!

I just felt compelled to help for out as best as i can to raise the awareness what we can do try to, you know, come up with some solutions as to how we can decrease.

The violent crimes in these different areas.

We'll start at one o'clock, and, um, i'm not exactly sure i know where it is, but i don't know the address right off hand, which i don't believe it will be hard to find, but it starts at one o'clock.

And all of the information is on my social media.

Aziz well as so many others we have fly years on.

But there we've been promoting on radio and advertising.

So the start time is at one o'clock and there will.

Be a whole lot of other people that


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