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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Curfew change for bars and restaurants

Credit: WKTV
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Curfew change for bars and restaurants
Curfew change for bars and restaurants

Owner of One Genny in New Hartford talks about the curfew change from 11:00 P.M.

To midnight.

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None tc : 07:24 "i was elated, i was very happy both of our customers and for our employees."

Grande says come 11:00 each night of the week he has to turn customers away that want to stay..and that is money lost... tighten up.

No orange sneakers tc : 08:05 "were moving in the right direction which is important hopefully soon as one and then two and then were back to business."

Senator joe griffo of rome says it's a step in the right direction... (sen.

Joe griffo, (r) 47th senate district) tc : 47:18 "the extra hour is going to be helpful but as we look at resetting our economy and keeping people safe, i think we need to get back to a point where they can function as they did and rely on the public making the decision whether they want to go or not go."

Griffo says besides removing these covid protocols eventually when it is safe to do so...he would also like to see the state do some other things to help out this industry that has been so devastated by the pandemic.

Tc : 51:40 "what else can and we should be doing as a state, ill give you one illustration is their licensing can we look at that and give them a credit or an extension without an additional cost, things of that nature."

But for now, owners like michael grande are accepting each ((small(( step to getting back to normal...with a smile... tc : 09:53 "youve got to do what you gotta do and look for the positive signs and take them as they come in this is one of them so were excited."

(gary liberatore, news channel 2) tc : 14:50-14:58 "again the new curfew until midnight doesn'tgo, news channel 2.> good news tonight from the it appears