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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Governor loses battle to retain emergency powers

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Governor loses battle to retain emergency powers
Governor loses battle to retain emergency powers
Governor loses battle to retain emergency powers

Assembly has overridden an emergency powers bill the governor vetoed.

It gives legislators more authority to intervene during emergencies declared by the governor.

News 18's meredith hackler is at the capitol with reaction from legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Ll: both the house and senate voted to override governor eric holcomb's veto of house bill 1123.

It comes as many republicans have criticized the governor's executive orders during the covid-19 pandemic.

The legislation allows the general assembly to call itself into an emergency session when it isn't meeting during its annual legislative session.

The bill passed in the house 56-26 down party lines.

Democratic state representatives chris campbell and shelia klinker voted against the override.

"the legislative process takes a really long time.

In a medical crisis like we have seen in this state we needed the flexibility and promptness of the governor to be able to respond quickly.

"- campbell "i just think it's the wrong thing to do.

I think that we went to far on this issue and that's why i voted no twice on this issue."- klinker republicans have been pushing the bill after months of criticism from some conservatives over covid-19 restrictions.

Many feel executive orders during the statewide public health emergency issued by the governor went to far.

Senator ron alting feels the governor did a good job during the pandemic.

But he feels the general assembly should have a seat at the table.

"the majority of us feels that our constituents have elected us to at least have a seat at the table on a pandemic or an emergency like that in representing our constituents in sharing their thoughts and their ideas."-alting under this bill if lawmakers are called back into session, they would be able to end any emergency order the governor puts in to place.

Ron alting says he doesn't think it will unbalance the scales.

"i think certain actions are going to have to be taking place by the governor just like a ceo of a corporation there is no time to have a lot of meetings and debate and have conversations so i see both sides of this."- alting llt: the governor released a statement last week saying he feels the bill is unconstitutional.

It's unclear if he will challenge this bill in the court system.

This legislation is now in effect.

Reporting at the indiana statehouse meredith hackler news 18.

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