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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Local businesses face hiring woes

Credit: WKTV
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Local businesses face hiring woes
Local businesses face hiring woes

Several local businesses in various industries are having trouble hiring with the enhanced pandemic benefits paying many people the same or more than they would make working.

Im jason powles.

And i'm kristen copeland.

Hefty sign-on bonuses...pensions.... job security..... many local employers are finding that even these lofty incentives aren't enough to entice workers to apply.

And this hiring drought is affecting every industry from direct food service....even government.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

It's a formula that doesn't seem to make sense.....pandemic unemployment benefits were extended til september 6th.....but countless employers are struggling to put people to work, now .

None .

None 16:01 "we would get applicants in here daily, multiple times a day, who were asking for applications.

Wewoule would run out all the time.

Now, i don't think in the last year i"ve had maybe one, maybe two people ask for an application" and those permanent government jobs with a pension that were like gold back in the day?

They're having a hard time giving even those away 33:04 "it's a pretty unique situtaion that we would hve never thought that we would have problems trying to hire for a permanent government position in central new york" many blame enhanced pandemic unemployment benefits.

The max unemployment in new york state, with the extra $300 pandemic benefits is $804 a week.

Nearly $42,000 a year.

So for some, it's hard for any job that pays less than $20 an hour to compete with unemployment.

And the hiring drought is affecting business 16:30 "everything is now taking time, that's sort of what we're asking people to do is be patient with all businesses during this cuz all s denitely not our ult.

Wee trying our st.

I know100 bug to find help" jf, nc2.

> governor cuomo's decision to allow bars and restaurants to stay open until midnight instead of 11:00 is designed to allow the owners to bring september 6th.....but countless employers are