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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Mayor Lester Miller gives ‘State of the Community’ address

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Mayor Lester Miller gives ‘State of the Community’ address
Mayor Lester Miller gives ‘State of the Community’ address

Mayor Lester Miller has been in office for more than 100 days.

In his first ‘State of the Community’ address he says the state of the community is strong.

At six good evening.

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I'm tucker sargent.

Our top story tonight at 6: macon-bibb mayor lester miller gave his state of the community address at luther williams field today.

41nbc's ariel schiller has more on what he's accomplished so far, and his plans for the future.

(reporter) mayor lester miller has been in office for more than 100 days and in his first state of the community speech he says the state of the community is strong.

An excited mayor miller addressed the crowd at luther williams field thursday.

He spoke about many of the accomplishments his administration has made already, from the brookdale warming center to the clean streets matter initiative.

He says those accomplishments are the result of teamwork.

Together i am confident this team will meet the challenges because we have proven that we live by the golden rule treating our neighbors as we want to be treated mayor miller says their work is just getting started.

They recently announced the newest iniative 30 in 30 to improve macon neighborhoods.

It means they'll be tearing down 30 blighted houses in the next 30 days.

Mayor pro tem seth clark says he's excited about 30 in 30.

Whether we were up for election this last cycle or wer elected or not elected i think we've all heard for years and years and years that blight is really dragging down the neighborhoods that make up macon-bibb county and dragging down the economic value and soul of these neighborhoods mayor miller announced kumho tire is investing 21 point 8 million dollars in expanding their facility.

Just a few days ago, schnitzer steel also announced an 11 million dollar expansion.

Mayor miller says they've focused on expanding local businesses.

It's nice to bring in the companies that bring in 3 or 400 million dollars here but it's also nice to take care of people right here in macon-bibb county and we want to continue to do that because that's how most communities grow he also talked about the upcoming opportunity voters will have to pass an o-lost.

He says passing the o-lost will be crucial to providing stable public safety in the long term.

Yes we've had a mayor miller says the plan is to continue all the initiatives they


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