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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Vaccine Symptoms video journal

Credit: KIMT
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Vaccine Symptoms video journal
Vaccine Symptoms video journal
Tracking after the second dose

Coronavirus all you have to do is log onto twitter, facebook or instagram?




"* and find people posting pictures of themselves being vaccinated.

Sometimes, though, those pictures include captions about having gotten chills or nausea after a shot.

Doctors say reactions are most likely following the second of two shots.

I got my second shot of the moderna vaccine today and kept a video journal of the hours following my vaccination.

Okay i'm here with sharon now and she is going to give me dose number two of the moderna vaccine.

And, there it is!.

I don't whether it's the administration of the shot that sharon did or whether it's my reaction to the shot, but my left arm isn't even sore.

It's now been nearly three hours since i got my second shot.

I'm feeling absolutely fine, in fact i don't have any pain at all in left arm.

I'm in my art studio.

My eye hand coordination, okay.

Take a look at my secretariat renderings.

I did three of them for friends.

Okay it's now been three and a half hours since my shot i still feel fine.

In fact, i'm going to get a workout in.

Of course my dog, the spotopotamus, always thinks we should go for a run.

He thinks the elliptical trainer is dumb but it's been my salvation throughout this dumb pandemic.

Okay i'm nearly a half hour into my elliptical trainer workout.

I'm still feeling fine.

I think all of my statistics are keeping with a normal workout.

Yep, i think that's the way things normally look when i'm on my elliptical trainer.

Still feeling good folks!

Well i've now nearly reached the five hour mark and i still feel really good, in fact psychologicall y i feel fantastic because it's just a great relief to have gotten both shots.

So now i'm going to go through my vitamin regimen.

Today that regimen consists of a multi vitamin, a vitamin c and i take iron because i donate blood and i'm due soon to make a donation at mayo clinic.

What it will not include today, despite the fact that i am still sore from yesterday's weight workout is a couple of aspirin.

I was told that aspirin can diminish the immuno response that you want.

I said this after my first shot?



"* ?

"* but the mayo clinic are running the vaccine clinic like clockwork.

My appointment was at 8:30 this morning and i had a needle going into my arm at 8:30.

I want to point out that i'm not a medical expert.

My video journal is just meant for you to see the experience of one reporter.

If i should have some sort of negative reaction in the hours and days ahead, you can be assured i