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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

CHP confirms one person is dead after crash in South Oroville

Credit: KHSL
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CHP confirms one person is dead after crash in South Oroville
CHP confirms one person is dead after crash in South Oroville

One person is dead and another is in critical condition after a car crash in South Oroville Thursday morning, according to the CHP.

New at four -- one man is dead -- another in the hospital -- after the car they were in... careened into a detached garage in oroville.

The wreck happened just before 8:30 this morning on lincoln boulevard, south of helman street.

Action news now reporter jafet serrato was there and shows us what happened.

### firefighters, and medics scrambling to put a man inside an ambulance after the car he was in slammed into a building.

(jason barney, neighbor:) "it's crazy."

(standup:) "officers say the driver was speeding south here on lincoln boulevard.

At one point hitting this power pole and rock before slamming into this garage."

(richard brazil, heard crash.) "it sounded like a car being crushed by a car crusher."

Richard brazil lives right across the street.

(richard brazil:) "i thought they hit my vehicle.

We saw the power lines down we started directing traffic away, called 911."

The two men on board stuck after the crash.

(ben draper, chp) "palermo fire was here relatively quick and they were able to get them extricated."

The house next to the garage - not hit, but neighbors say this road is dangerous.

(richard brazil:) "people come racing down this hill 45 miles per hour."

(jason barney:) "i've called highway patrol several times and nobody ever patrols it."

(ben draper:) "we do what we can as far as all law enforcement is try to keep people from slowing down either just by our visual presence, writing tickets or anything else.

To keep people from harms way, unfortunately it comes down to the individuals" in oroville jafet serrato action news now