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Monday, 21 June 2021

Jackie Robinson's legacy continues to impact local players

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Jackie Robinson's legacy continues to impact local players
Jackie Robinson's legacy continues to impact local players

For the Holiday family, Jackie Robinson remains an inspiring example of how to play on the field and how to live off of it.

Is the only number in baseball that is retired by every team in the mlb except for one day, today.

Each major leaguer will don robinson's 42 during games, reminding us of the bravery and courage which robinson showed breaking into the major leagues.

It's a lesson which tupelo christian prep coach shaune holiday instilled in his two sons, khi and laith, without jackie, there would be no khi or laith or a lot of these guys who you see playing baseball and football, so to him we owe a lot.

(track) khi holiday is a senior at tcps, he's committed to play both football and baseball next year at northeast mississippi.

His dad, shaune exposed him to jackie robinson at an early age.

(khi) when i was younger, i remember watching hitting videos, like the old, old hitting videos so like the way i run the bases, and the way i play the game it's all about him (track) for khi's younger brother, laith, a sophomore at tcps, he's had the opportunity to learn from big bro and robinson.

(laith) a black athlete going to the next level and doing what he loves, playing baseball, that way he can get to the mlb like jackie robinson did, be inspiring to other kids, like jackie was to us.

(track) one key takeway that shaun took from jackie robinson's career and life that he tries to live and teach to his players and sons is that if they work hard, they too can make a difference.

(shaune) i thank god every day for every opportunity as a black coach to be able to go out and make a difference in the community and on the field and with my kids and trying to teach them that they can all make a difference you know color is only skin deep but love and friendship and relationships last a lifetime, that's jackie robinson, that's what he did.

74 years, the legacy of jackie robinson still lives and will continue to live on for decades to come.