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Monday, 21 June 2021

Shady Cove Elementary students learning new skills through broadcasting

Credit: KDRV
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Shady Cove Elementary students learning new skills through broadcasting
Shady Cove Elementary students learning new skills through broadcasting

Over at Shady Cove Elementary, instead of learning how to read and write through a book, students that are in Heather Neely's fourth grade class, are learning new communication and language skills through broadcasting and reporting.

Sure every state has a strong child h broadcasting and as newswatch 12's brett taylor reports kids are really enjoying the experience.

"hi, my name is joe and i'm gavin.


We're going to do coconut chip nature.

Your mask is [take :generic] çááágenericáááÑ at shady cove, elementary kids that are a part of heather neely's fourth grade class, just down the hall on the right-hand side are getting a very unique experience, learning communication and language skills through broadcasting.

Something that ms. neely says.

Brings learning hand fun together.

[take :heather] çáááheatheráááÑ and then we won't be talking about pollution in the ocean, corporate technology, a lot in my classroom, in every content area.

And i had the equipment to do it.

And they also are able to work on a lot of the standards that they need, which is comes down to their speaking and listening skills.

But they're also learning more than just that they're practicing, speaking in front of a camera, they're practicing, reading their scripts.

They've done research to come up with the information.

So it kind of hits a lot of what they need to learn in a more engaging way while also making sure that it's fun.

[take :baylee] çááábayleeáááÑ i like to depart part, i got to interview people.

And for some students, they even say that they've grown from this new type of teaching.

[take :gavin] çááágavináááÑ i think i grown by like communicating to class and teamwork is definitely good.

And that learning in a more hands-on approach has helped them restart their interest in education.

[take :kezia] çááákeziaáááÑ i like more, hands-on doing things like this because.

Normally, if we were doing this on zoom, ms. neeley would have to record uon her computer with her phone.

And that wouldn't be very fun.

[take :generic] çááágenericáááÑ now, there have been some kinks along the way, but for ms. neely, the experience of teaching her kids in an untraditional way.

Yeah, it's been worth it.

It's been a lot of fun.

Uh, it's been challenging at times, and that's what teaching though.

There's a lot of things that are challenging and the kids overcome a lot.

And in the end we get to see how much they've grown, where they were at in