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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Woolmarket City Center ribbon cutting

Credit: WXXV
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Woolmarket City Center ribbon cutting
Woolmarket City Center ribbon cutting

Residents of the Woolmarket area of Biloxi have a new venue option for local gatherings.

- residents of the woolmarket are- of biloxi have a new venue- option for local gatherings.- biloxi mayor fofo gilich, - councilmember nathan barrett- and other local leaders cut the- ribbon this evening on the- woolmarket city center.

- the city transformed an existin- building on kayleigh cove - into a facility that now- includes a harrison county- library branch and space for- community meetings, - parties, and other functions.

- mayor gilich says this project- has - been a priority for his - administration and reflects the- growth of the surrounding area.- - "you look at the number of home and - the number of subdivisions that- week by week they're a number o- opportunities before the- planning commission on what can- be placed based - on the local land and zoning.

- so, it's certainly a place- that's bringing new homes - - - and residents."

Moving forward, citizens will - have the opportunity to - rent the community center space- for events through- the