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Sunday, 20 June 2021

TenPoint Coalition looking to expand into new Fort Wayne neighborhoods

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TenPoint Coalition looking to expand into new Fort Wayne neighborhoods
TenPoint Coalition looking to expand into new Fort Wayne neighborhoods

The TenPoint Coalition says they've played a large role in curbing gun violence in Fort Wayne since 2018.

I'm chris mullooly thanks for joining.

New tonight - the fort wayne united tenpoint coalition is looking to expand into new neighborhoods.the coalition first started in indanapolis... but since its start in fort wayne has been credited by local leaders to curbing gun 55's nico pennisi is live downtown where he spoke with the organization about the difference they're making in fort wayne's south east, how have they managed to lower crime?chris, leaders of the tenpoint coalition say it's all about being present, connecting with residents and showing that they care.

These volunteers are not there to police, rather keep a watchful eye and lookout for danger.

When residents of fort wayne's southeast side see a neon yellow vest..."they see that it's people who care out here.

They see that people are concerned about the community, they're invested in their own change."

Kingthey're known as the fort wayne united tenpoint coalition - volunteers who foot patrol local neighborhoods to reduce crime.

Pastor lewis king says they're looking to expand."we know that there are people throughout the city that are saying they want a tenpoint coalition in their neighborhood."

Kingthe city is examining data to figure out exactly where their next location will be."what we're looking at is how do we expand what fort wayne is doing."

Harrisonreverend dr. charles harrison of indianapolis comes to fort wayne once a month to train and consult with teams on how they can better serve communities."they've done such a great job, fort wayne ten point in partnership with law enforcement in the oxford neighborhood, but there are other areas of the city that could utilize this kind of initiative to help bring down the violence."

Harrison tenpoint has accomplished exactly that in oxford since 2018."a dramatic decline in violent crimes, they've gone over two years without a criminal homicide in their patrol areas in the oxford neighborhood."

Harrisonking says it's because of the relationships they build with the youth."the relationships that the ten point coalition has with the residents - our success is attributed to them coming alongside us and them communicating and we being able to provide resources that definitely make a difference."

King tag: the tenpoint coalition is looking for passionate, committed, and team-minded individuals who would like to make a positive difference in their community to join the team.

If that's you, they encourage you to sign fort wayne i'm nico pennisi fox 55