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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Prayer for officer 4.15.21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Prayer for officer 4.15.21
Prayer for officer 4.15.21

### a group gathered today in lexington to pray for police officer dawn miller.

She's in serious, but stable condition right now after a wrong way car crash monday that left the other driver 38-year-old angelina sue raad dead abc 36's kaitlyn shive spoke with a longtime friend who says she knows miller will get through this.

### on monday morning..officer dawn miller was involved in a collision with another car.

Police say officers responded to numerous calls of a car traveling in the opposite direction on the inner loop of new circle road near harrodsburg road.

The car then collided with miller's police car.

Miller suffered serious injuries.

"dawn is a fighter and um she is she is a fighter and shes got something in her and a fire in her that i know is the dawn that i know in the bible studys that we used to lead together is a fire from god and its a fire that absolutely just pushes her and is getting her through this" jenah rader has been friends with officer miller for around 10 years... i knew dawn before she was an officer and i knew her heart before that and i know what an amazing officer she has been for lexington" rader says miller has undergone multiple surgeries since the crash...but is in stable condition and doing okay.

She says swelling has gone down and another surgery on millers ankle is next.

Rader joined dozens of others outside crossroads church thursday for a group prayer for millers recovery.

Brian "she is a person that is apart of our community a lot of people that go to this church know dawn so were just here to gather and pray for her and jsut try to help her and her family through this tough time as she is trying to recover" brian carter, a pastor at crossroads says the amount of people who showed up for the prayer group is a testament to who officer miller is.

Brian"it speaks to dawn and her person and who she is as a person that people care about her and you can see the crowd behind me that people are just want to be here and support her and her family" the lexington police department says miller has been a l-p-d officer since 2017.

In lexington kaitlyn shive abc


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