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Monday, 21 June 2021

In The Garden: Planting blueberries

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In The Garden: Planting blueberries
In The Garden: Planting blueberries

Caleb Johnson of Johnson Brothers Garden Market shows us how to chose the right blueberry bush to plant this spring.

This is a good time of year to plant blueberries in your yard... but not all blueberry bushes will produce berries at the same time of year.... that's today's in the garden... sponsored by johnson brothers garden market.

Today i'm with caleb johnson and we're talking about my personal favorite fruit, the blueberry.

Caleb, it looks like there's a lot of different varieties of blueberries here so what do folks need to know.

Ya so blueberries are extremely popular, it's one of my favorite fruit, but there are a lot of choices so a couple things that you need to know about blueberries are you should really get more than one blueberry plant because if you get more than one, you're going to have a lot more flowers, more pollen, and more blueberries.

So, if i just plant one of these in the ground it's not going to produce as many barriers than if i plant two together?

Ya if you plant another blueberry, you're going to get more fruit and they key is to get a blueberry that's another variety.

So don't plant the same exact blueberry next to the same blueberry, get a couple different varieties.

The other thing is look at the specifics of when they put on fruit, because if you get all varieties that put on their fruit early in the summer, then you're not going to have any berries to pick later in the summer, so get some blueberries that produce fruit in the early summer and also ones to pick later in the summer because.

How tall do these plants normally get?

Ya so, the ones next to you are considered high bush and most of your high bush berries are going to be between three and six feet tall, high bush berries are usually medium to large, your low bush varieties are usually going to stay three feet or under and they are going to produce smaller berries and they will produce a lot of small berries.

Then you have a series of berries that are specifically designed to grow in containers, so if you don't have a lot of room in an apartment or small backyard and you need to put the fruit in a container, there's a whole line of blueberries that are great for that.

Great caleb, a lot of great tips!

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