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Thursday, 17 June 2021

MSHSL seeks relief from face masks for spring sport athletes

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MSHSL seeks relief from face masks for spring sport athletes
MSHSL seeks relief from face masks for spring sport athletes
This was proposed to state health officials Thursday.

Swing, the minnesota state high school league is seeking relief from face masks for spring sport athletes from minnesota health officials.




"*t news three sp director ?

"* kaleb gillock ?

*- joins us with the latest./// (?







"* it's important to understad that nothing has changed on the mask mandate yet.

However ?

"* if the proposal is accepte, athletes will still be required to wear face masks anytime they're not competing.

I spoke with the lourdes baseball team about how difficult it has been adjusting to wearing makss this i would wear a full body suit if that's what we had to do.

If you need to put me in a hazmat suit to coach third base, that's what i would do.

Like many teams across the state this season, they're willing to do whatever it takes if it makes the difference between having a season and not having one.

We've been waiting for this opportunity forever and you know to wear something over our mouth and nose is nothing.

Nolan jurgenson says it has been a breeze growing accustomed to all of the safety precautions in place this season.

Not that bad just trying to keep wearing them during practice so that we can get used to them and as long as we get to keep playing, i'm glad to be wearing them.

At this point at least, all of the students are used to it.

They've been wearing it at school, it's a little different wearing them outiside.i know i have to elevate my volume level to make sure that people can hear me.

In today's board of directors meeting, the minnesota state high school league asked state officials for relief from the mask mandate for spring sport athletes.

Regardless of the outcome, coach jenson is understanding.

There are times in baseball when you look at home plate, you've got a batter, a catcher, and an umpire within six feet... i think that makes sense.

If you're looking at the centerfielder no one within a hundred some feet ?

"* doesn't make as much sense.

Either way, the athletes will adapt to whatever changes are thrown their way.

It doesn't really matter.

We'll go out there and play our game and whatever challenges we face, we'll endure as a team.







Commissioner ?

"* jan malcolm *- says while the risk for covid?*- 19 is lower outside,


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