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Monday, 14 June 2021

Over $100,000 dollars is going towards getting rid of dead and hazardous trees near Concow

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Over $100,000 dollars is going towards getting rid of dead and hazardous trees near Concow
Over $100,000 dollars is going towards getting rid of dead and hazardous trees near Concow

The non-profit 'From the Ground Up' was awarded a $100,000 dollar grant from the North Valley Community Foundation to get rid of dead or hazardous trees on private property.

They say it's about time.

New tonight -- more than 100- thousand dollars in grant money will go towards removing dead and hazardous trees in communities still recovering from the camp fire.

Action news now reporter esteban reynoso joins us.

Esteban, what communities will this grant target?

The grant money will go to the non-profit called 'from the ground up farms' -- they'll use the grant to hire local people from these areas: concow, big bend, jarbo gap -- to get rid of dead and hazardous trees on private property.

And they feel this area has been neglected for a long time -- but not for much longer.

"this grant is life saving.there's trees falling, there's people being injured going to hospital.

There are houses that were almost ready to build that now need repairs again.

It's really bad."

And these falling deadtrees are what prompted jenny lowrey and bruce matthews to apply for a grant with the north valley community foundation the program aims to help more than 30 families and could clear up to 1,200 trees in total.

I'm here on hwy 70 in concow and just right behind are some of the dead or hazardous trees that 'from the ground up' is hoping to get rid of mainly -- their targets are the trees that pose a threat to homes "there's been more than one incident of trees falling in the concow area alone.

One actually fell on him while he was sleeping, severly injured, ended up in intensive care."

And it's not just those trees -- but those that also pose a danger to the rebuilding efforts.

"a woman in paradise who was a week away from moving into her brand new house that was just finished after the fire, a tree fell on it from somebody else's property."

"it has to do with the volunteers, and those who back us like the north valley community foundation oh my god."

"community groups tell us theres a need in this area like removing trees and we try to help."

And lowrey says the money used to hire employees will go right back into the community.

"over half of this grant will be given to local concow, yankee hill pulga hwy 70- families that want to help us.

We're actually going to be able to put money in their pocket -- that's goal is to be able to pay them to come help.

Everybody wins no matter how and the non- profit 'from the profit 'from the ground up' says nothing from chopping these trees down will go to waste.

They'll help homeowners choose between firewood or turning the wood into fuel.

Alan: so esteban, how can homeowners or people sign up to help or tell the non-profit they have a hazardous tree?

Esteban: they'll be posting on thier facebook page when things start open up -- they told methey'll be ready to take phone calls.

Of course you can look for this story on our website at action news now dot com as well.