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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Family of 4 laid to rest Thursday

Credit: KQTV
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Family of 4 laid to rest Thursday
Family of 4 laid to rest Thursday
Family of 4 laid to rest Thursday

Community said their final goodbyes to a young st.

Joseph family.

Joining us i'm alan van zandt .

Kq2's ron johnson was at the funeral for amy morse and her three young children who lost their lives in a car accident last weekend.

<<ron johnson reportingfor the family for 22 year old amy morse and her three kids, to say it's been a tough week would likely be an understatementever since i got the call, it's been like a nightmare i can't wake up from.

For nearly a week they've had to mourn the sudden a tragic of morse and her three children 4 year old roselie morse, 2 and a half year old braxtin grace and 1 year old anastasia grace.

It's just been tough to hold it together especially losing so many people at once.we lost four individuals, we didn't just lose one.

The pain of losing so many so quickly, could easily be seen on the faces of mourning family members thursday, as they said goodbye to the four victims during a public visitation and memorial.

In the midst of all the sadness though was once again the unwavering community support as many who knew morse and her kids took time to pay their respectswe had an overwhelming amount of people come out just to support us todaythe family says the grief has hit them as as the healing process begins for the family they say it's a journey that will take time, in the day and weeks ahead they say they want to focus on the here and now.

For right now, it's just a lot of the comfort that we need from everyone to tell us we're here for you we're praying for you.

And remembering more positive timesjust being together and remembering them in those good lights will really help everyone.

Ron johnson kq2 news.

The family took time today to thank the community for their continued support during this rough time, saying they were pleasantly suprised by the turnout today.


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