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Thursday, 24 June 2021

SJPD's special operations decreasing thefts across city

Credit: KQTV
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SJPD's special operations decreasing thefts across city
SJPD's special operations decreasing thefts across city
SJPD's special operations decreasing thefts across city

Helicopters will continue flying through st.

Joseph's skies catching offenders on the run, as city officials say some crime rates are falling.

Here's kq2's kilee thomas with more on the special effort to get criminals off the street.

Kilee thomas reporting sot: captain jeff wilson, sjpd- "we're committed to going after these offenders."

With a little help from their eyes in the sky.

Sot: mayor bill mcmurray, st jospeh- "and i think the helicopter operation is helping."

The st.

Joseph police department's special operations may be reducing the city's crime rate.for three years-the police department and highway patrol have taken to the skies in a joint operation violators fleeing from police.

Giving officers a birds eye advantage they don't have in day to day patrolssot: wilson-"i have to believe that that has assisted us in decreasing some of the criminal behavior."

Sot: mcmurray-"crime rate continues to go down.

I was just looking at the march numbers which i just got today and the part one index crimes, the really serious crimes overall were lower in march of 2021 with 882 crimes this year, compared to 1,100 crimes last year.

So, that's a significant drop."

Officers say offenders are getting the message won't be tolerated.

Sot: wilson-"we will conduct operations to target criminal behavior and will try to convince those that are willing to run from the police in very dangerous ways that that's not a good idea.

We will put together operations to try and apprehend you."

So far this year- there's been 38 arrests coming from the special joint operations and 210 traffic stops officers say the community feels safer knowing these operations are ongoing.

Sot: wilson-"i think the public appreciates that.

They don't like the idea that some folks think they can drive in any manner they want to, creating a risk to those innocent folks on the street."

Sot: mcmurray-"so overall crime is going down, we're making progress."

Reporting in st joseph kilee thomas kq2 news while there's been a decrease in most theft in the city....aggrevated assault has skyrocketed.

The police department reports 103 aggrevated assaults by so far this year compared to 46 to this same time last year.

Officers say the increase has been primarily domestic assaults...80 this year compared to 19 last year.

For more details on crime numbers- go to this article on our website,