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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Bringing in the Neighbor's Trash

Credit: FOX 47 News Michigan
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Bringing in the Neighbor's Trash
Bringing in the Neighbor's Trash

I'm bob Hoffman.

You know,special about early morninup, the birds are chirpingand in this West Lansing ntrash day.

So what's so spday?

This week's good neigtrash truck to pick up theOnce the truck sets the cotakes it back and puts itBut he doesn't just returnHe does this for every neiThat's 96 neighbors.

He'sseveral years.

I believe tfor us to be positively reand the people around us tfor us to focus on me andAnd this gives me an opporneighbors like Loretta keethankful this is a communiand some of us are a littlothers and it can be a chato go to your into your drup fred does that automatift of snow?

We had a littlcan was by my garage and Istupor driveways.

Not onlythe recycling containers ehe doesn't wait until thewarmer in the afternoon.


It's just a selfishWe would do it if we had tfred says hauling in the tand sometimes it gives thebetter acquainted with hislike to mindlessly walk arand just walk.

And so as Inumber of people and I knoLike one lady said, I'm hapray for me.

You know, anohas Parkinson's and she haSo when I go by there I prladies, I know their name,Loretta's a volunteer.

Sheat the Hospice facility whshe died and she used to cwife in the hospital therething.

I get some spirituaand I get some physical ex