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Friday, 25 June 2021

Central Kentucky heart walk

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Central Kentucky heart walk
Central Kentucky heart walk

Cody Adams and Erica Bivens talk with CEO and President of commonwealth Credit union and the chair of this year's heart walk Karen Harbin.

Hours 42 for the low and then warmer.

The middle next week ... i think that alyssa what time place at the they get ready for these central kentucky heart walk in it.

Here's how i could actually set for a may 8, but you don't have to wait until about that.

Here's also about this year's event is resident and ceo, credit union in the american heart association to walk ... turn harbin thank you for joining us.

Can we appreciate it, i try to be here so we you just heard a smidgen and you know about the sources we have one you can start walking down right on this is how this is working credible virtual correct ... right 2021 kentucky heart walk will be one.

It virtually walkerton were walk anywhere they want to neighborhood and they can meet up with family brand or company on board and walk together or you know alone at all are and it will bring this about the many the together martin is one of the centeredness to take place whenever you want to do it is that people essentially should be able to get involved right ... exactly, you know you got the week leading up heart wall is an entire period will be fading in and anybody anna go to ... that you walk for they can contact a 88 you can create a team, or if you're looking forward to join you write line, credit union hero and walkers are inquired card to write make partial donations american heart ... yashin hidalgo to life-saving research and were looking for a lot of walkers is a huge support association tells a little bit about why your company is so involved in and what you are doing to raise money to help ... right heart health long began a pattern of mine, but it's also very personal had been ... had been fighting hard to the number of years and we all know in 2000 know in 2018, a dear friend and colleague heart a sudden heart attack and so really important for us to honor his memory.

He always went above and beyond for family colleague community.

The part of so calling his assaying arcana commonwealth renamed our part one in his honor in the last two years we braked over to the thousand dollars and that c1 3 ... test is a personal cause for you guys this is just incredible an a great motivator to keep watching this.

And there may be at home, they can actually involved as well right right all they do ... go online walk or they can contact the found an ugly that number will be on screen.

The donations help ... continue to research for things like creating an artificial heart valve stroke, heart defect, newborn and sunday.

We hope to find a cure for high blood pressure is certainly one more step closer to that and i hopefully longer steps as we ge more people involved this year.

Thank you so much for coming on and told us about it until is about this mission ... thank you for having me on course of this is detailed website