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Monday, 21 June 2021

Your Community With Kay - Earth Dayz at Rock City

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your Community With Kay - Earth Dayz at Rock City
Your Community With Kay - Earth Dayz at Rock City

Kay talks about Earth Dayz celebrations at Rock City this year, including animal shows.

Kay blevins season brand-new is that we have a partnership with the chattanooga zoo.

They are bringing some of their animals to birthdays for different shows throughout the day in critter classroom which is our amphitheater outside and on the study different animals each show and there's four times throughout the day on birthdays starts this weekend saturday an sunday and so the animal shows are at 10 1012 q and were vicious to first come first serve basis, some of the animals that you can see our fennec fox after considerable maturities.

There's a variety o birds, others a porcupine raccoon even as fake sober really excited to bring animals to rocks.

The this year that there is anything know several other activities as well.

Now megan affects once i count birthdays are tickets available online as well as at the place ... yes we actually encourage you t make reservations onlineyes we actually encourage you to make reservations because timeslots can sell out, especially on event days in 10 days right and you're gonna have a lot of fun activities were telling us of the moment to go about all of the zoo animals that are to be there to help ou some of the food i was reading more about the dirt cake and things that kids and families can check out yes.

If you have a sweet tooth this excellent place to come, we are creating earth cakes which is a prettier version.

I think the funnel cakes that tie into birthdays.

I'm you can also get some dirt cake.

I think kids of all ages love that were has to the oreos and the dummy worms on top and certainly am that we have different eateries throughout the park and cafi seven will be open and they always have a delicious menu and it seasonals so the menu tends to change periodically but you cannot go wrong by eating at a seven you're also going to have a fun scavenger hunt for kids out there tell her about it yet.

That is based on lines of virtual scavenger hunt.

But what you do is as a walking to the park, you find different hidden objects and there's assigned to kind of tell you about that can actually do it online as well o but you just need the kindle.

Neither parent known to use the qr code and stand that and then they can go online for some fun games and trivia of modified also.

What sounds great is the music that can be playing tell us about his enemy performing so we have some percussionists on site and they are very interactive.

These are just ver entertaining.

We have a of percussionist named kofi and then we can he's he's been here before and he says so much so entertaining and then new this year with a hammer dulcimer artist on site.

I'm so he never heard a hammer dulcimer.

It is just really awesome so yeah definitely come be a part of that we've also got flower flares that are made from recycled materials that we gather from one site and i'm willing to give those to the kids and they can either toss them into the park to help the telco garden or you can, they can take them home with them and plant them at home.

Megan, it sounds like a greater than righ here in the tennessee valley an rock city again a pencil like some more information on how making it take of how they do that i'm using dorsey birthdays messages via the internet gives you all the information on our reason course.

From there you can also just take it.

Megan's only with rock city.

Thanks so much for joining us and giving us an update on like a great event right here in the tennessee valley families that want to ge out.

Thank you.

Right if you like some more information on