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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Gulf Coast Monarchy gearing up for the season

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Gulf Coast Monarchy gearing up for the season
Gulf Coast Monarchy gearing up for the season
The Gulf Coast Monarchy football season will officially kick off in May.

- welcome back, south mississippi- as promised.

The gulf coast - monarchy football season- will officially kick off in may- if you dont know about them, it- an all women's football league.- joining us now is hanklin and - - - sterling, a few members on this- unique coaching staff.- wxxv so may first first game right on the bottom of this exciting will be required no real plans come out portal psalm we overruled good women.

That's really excited and ready to get the season going to hope that everything goes well for.

Also, the coaching staff and i thought the whole team.

We just fought upwards his and i'll be at yellowjacket stadium notes also about the scrimmage coaching the guys had some success.

Success in the scrimmage game just below scrimmage game of the blues cam out and show what we learn that schools 2412 my students about this stupid marijuana to note something new this year does actually merging is a from new orleans right is the two teams will want to retain some of them joined us on the obama players team and the mississippi realty.

Although the team has also joined our team so we got the investment the casino right 9000 defensive coaches.

I got asked him about the deep stuff about whether the defense i really excited about you really all the things we noted there would slide to learn to really take learning really particularly seriously, we want to resist ddn and religious, just religious axle questions.

Additionally, one really be the best they can do a lot of them of the plea before but sometimes you see them certain time to practice just look like you just ready to go in and it'll sometimes be a certain time just to know is is limon experience.

All in all, but all of the common-law and i go to all get together by our gametime you real quick culture.

The coolest thing about this is these women have everyday jobs and they come up the ball was that asking the witness, susan b as we got teachers and all came together as a group make specialist and we got on the defensive and publish the high school the teacher so it's great when we are together to rethink yet again check them out.

Move verse told mrs. yellowjacket