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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Registration For New French Immersion School Ongoing

Credit: KADN
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Registration For New French Immersion School Ongoing
Registration For New French Immersion School Ongoing
Registration For New French Immersion School Ongoing

Now we're on a first c.

First serve registration s so basically if you apply, and if you're going to be in the kindergarten or great or first grade next year, it's basically you get automatic acceptance until we hit capacity, which is 96 students.

And then there's a waiting list after that, so.

Um is that just don't know quite what that is.

And just remember for parents.

It's really no different.

We're going to provide bus services, they'll be lunch and breakfast available if your child is free or reduced lunch eligible, they can they'll continue with that at our school will have special ed services.

Essentially, we are a normal public school as far as he's concerned for parents, and we just want to remind people that the french immersion model of education has been research for over 50 years now, and it's a really, really successful model.

So your if you want your child just to have a leg up on certain things, especially on college entrance exams. and standardized tests were definitely a great option.

But like they just came home one day and they were like singing in french, with like with these accents that i didn't even know were possible.

And yeah, that's just like.

Just like when we learned our first language.

We were.

Little sponges, and they're the same way.

It's really really amazing.

W w dot e.

C o l e s t landry got bored and there's a big yellow button on the top right that says apply.

It takes less than five minutes to apply.