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Monday, 21 June 2021

Vitalant Unveils New Campaign Honoring Mothers

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Vitalant Unveils New Campaign Honoring Mothers
Vitalant Unveils New Campaign Honoring Mothers
Vitalant Unveils New Campaign Honoring Mothers

It's through by talent, and it's focusing on blood donations in honor of moms, because what a lot of people may not realize is that during childbirth in a lot of situations, blood is needed.

Because childbirth doesn't always go as smoothly as we'd like for it to, and so in a lot of times a lot of cases, there's a significant amount of blood loss for the mother and things like that.

And so don't eat for moms is all about focusing on giving back and replenishing that blood supply so that it's there.

When mom's needed in the hospital.

But we do have a website specifically a landing page for it.

So if you go to buy talent dot or g'kar slash donate for mothers, it has all of the campaign information on there, so we're just really excited.

Tol bit surrounding the whole mother's day season because you know if you didn't know guys mother's day is coming up on may night, so.

All of you, your children and fathers out there.

Time to start shopping.


But it's just a fantastic way to give back in honor of your mother or a friend of yours.

Who is a mother or just anyone in your life that has children.

It's an honor.

It's a way to honor them for what they go through.

Not only during childbirth that just you know every day is a mom by talent dot org's slash donate for mothers and remember, if you are a typo, we have a severe.

Type o shortage, so please come out and donate