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Saturday, 12 June 2021


Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Under investigation.

After 13 months, the economy continues to show signs of shking off the impact of the coronavirus.

But thousands across the region continue to suffer.

That was evident as 400 food boxes were handed out quickly in a distribution at first african baptist church in lexington.

As abc 36's bobbi mcswine found out, food meant a lot more than just something to eat... ######### morris: "we don't want to just give you the food box, we also want to let you know it's a blessing from god."

Pastor jesse morris of intercity break through ministries says passing out food is a small part of his larger mission - helping kentuckians grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Morris: "it's about reaching out, lifting up , and making them one again."

Morris asked first african baptist church to host friday's food drive.

Avery: "definitely.

It was a one word answer.

Yes, definitely.

When can we do it?

When can we help?"

Monique gilliam- avery says it was a nice addition to several community programs and food drives first african baptist church already runs.

In the last year, churches everywhere have seen the need for services grow.

Avery: "it all just goes back to being the church of the community for the hearts of the community."

Friday's drive also saw some residents of ferrell square apartments...a complex owned by first african.

Pam martin is one of the people who live there.

Martin: "it makes me feel good that we can come together as one and help one another and don't have to look down on one another."

Martin says that's always important...but especially now because we're not quite out of the woods of the pandemic.

Martin: "because you never know what situation you're going to be in the next day- the next time it might be you wanting food."

With more than 8- thousand boxes given out in less than two months...morris says... morris: "it's not over!"

He says the group will pop up again somewhere in lexington next week... in lexington...bobbi 36 news.

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