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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Anti-Biden flag in new York Mills causing controversy

Credit: WKTV
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Anti-Biden flag in new York Mills causing controversy
Anti-Biden flag in new York Mills causing controversy

A flag on the same pole as a U.S. flag flying in the front yard of a home in New York Mills has some wondering whether flying that flag is legal.

President biden?

One local homeowner is voicing his opinion for everyone to see.

And some don't appreciate the way he is going about it.

Here's news channel two's gary liberatore.

(gary liberatore, news channel 2) tc : 18:08 "here along burrstone road there are plenty of supportive signs like this one, 'thank you essential workers', plenty of patriotism with a lot of american flags, but but theres one not-so- supportive flag that stands right behind that american flag."

(cover the first sentence on this bite) tc : 00:11 "the first thing that went through my mind was how disrespectful that was.


None .

None we believe in the first amendment but to desecrate the americanfll of us... (cover this part too) tc : 00:29 "just broke my heart to see that."

It's basically two flags on one flag pole so that you see the american flag on one side and a four letter word and then biden...on the other... and on the bottom...the same 4- letter word and then 'you....if you voted for biden' tc : 05:24 "she told me about it and i was basically disgusted.

Ive been in the military, put six years in the reserves and we didnt ever disrespect the flag.

And even though its not on the american flag its next to it, right, its still a disgrace."

But is it legal?

Tc : 14:32 "its been since 1971, but that decision by the supreme court has not been overturned."

Local attorney and former congressman micheal arcuri says (((this((( is protected by the first amendment.

(micheal arcuri, local attorney, former congressman) tc : 15:01 "its not right but they have a right to free speech the same right way that you have a right to free speech thats what makes our country great."

Kids on school buses now see this everytime they go by.

Tc : 00:55 "being a former teacher was that its so close to the high school and i used to give kids detention on a regular basis if they use that kind of language so that most assuredly as a mixed message."

Tc : 06:57 "to me thats as bad as burning a flag."

New york mills mayor ernie talerico released a statement to news channel 2 saying quote..."my constituents have their opinion and have voiced it to you, i am glad they are expressing their opinion about the flag.

The person who has the flag is expressing their opinion as well.

As far as legality is concerned, the village board understands that political speech in the u.s. receives one of the highest levels of protection under the what's your view of president biden?

One local homeowner is smashing