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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Child exploitation sentencing

Credit: WXXV
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Child exploitation sentencing
Child exploitation sentencing

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office has announced the sentencing of a woman who pled guilty to four counts of child exploitation in December of last year.

And robbery.

- - the jackson county district - attorney's office - announced the sentencing of a - woman who plead guilty to - four counts of child- exploitation in december of las- year.

- 39-year old cora lee schaub was- sentenced to 40 years in the- custody of the mississippi- department of corrections,- with 22 years to serve day for- day, along with a 1,500 dollar- fine.

- according to a statement from - d.a.

Angel myers mcilrath,- - - - schaub was in possession of - images of children as - young as toddlers, which were - shared on the dark