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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Guilty Verdicts in Protest Trials

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Guilty Verdicts in Protest Trials
Guilty Verdicts in Protest Trials

WAAY-31's Grace Campbell joins us live in Huntsville where some of the protesters were arrested.

Huntsville protests.

Criminal prosecutions wrapped up this afternoon for people charged after black lives matters protests last june in huntsville.

Waay 31's grace campbell joins us live in huntsville where some of the protesters were arrested..


Tyler webb was arrested in the intersection right behind me of lowery boulevard and williams street.

Based on police body cam video and testimony from today's trial, webb was kneeling in front of the police officers and screaming some of the black lives matter chants.

Webb was found guilty for disorderly conduct.

During today's trial, we heard from the three defendants about what happened during the protests.

The prosecution also had several members of the huntsville police department share what they experienced that night.

Some of the police body cam video was played in court.

The two who were found guilty and the 5 people who plead guilty today, all have to pay a minimum fine of 364 dollars.

Webb says he wishes the city would have tried them on a case-by-case basis.

"don't paint everybody with the same brush.

In my case, they tried my case as if i had been throughout the whole day, as if i had been part of the naacp march, as if i had been part of the protest that happened organically after the naacp protest ended, i was not present at any of those.

I was only present that evening at the intersection we got arrested at for maybe about a half hour, 45 minutes total."

Webb says he has nothing on his record and plans to appeal the guilty verdict.

Reporting live in huntsville, grace campbell waay 31 news.