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Friday, 18 June 2021

Super Bulldog Weekend provides sense of normalcy

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Super Bulldog Weekend provides sense of normalcy
Super Bulldog Weekend provides sense of normalcy

The city and campus will be bustling with Mississippi State (and Ole Miss) fans this weekend.

That things are beginning to return to normal ... super bulldog weekend is back --- kicking off today with a rivalry like no other ... wtva's rhea thornton is live in starkville where the mississippi state bulldogs are getting ready to take on the ole miss rebels.

A rivalry like no other indeed.

With just under an hour until the first pitch is thrown, the number three diamond dogs are preparing to host the number six ranked rebels.

But surprisingly enough, this isn't the only thing going on in starkville this weekend... ."

Leah beasley - deputy athletic director at msu: "welcome back to some sense of normalcy and a whole lot of excitement."

Super bulldog weekend is a weekend packed with different sporting events in starkville.

This year, the weekend is extra super... with msu baseball hosting in-state rival ole miss, and mike leach back on campus for the football spring game.

Deputy athletic director leah beasley said its a great feeling to have sports back.

Leah beasley - deputy athletic director at msu: "you kinda go out to practices a little bit and you're just, you're feeling that little extra pep in the student athletes step, so that excites us."

The weekend starts off with the first series matchup against the top ten rivals on the diamond... and on saturday, fans will be able to reenter davis wade for some spring football.

Leah beasley - deputy athletic director at msu: "people who even may not follow sports, may not follow athletics are just thankful to have something to do, some activity to have around campus."

One of those eager for this weekend's events is season ticket holder jim pounds.

Jim pounds - msu baseball season ticket holder: "it's huge.

The pandemic has really changed my life, my families life, and we're ready to get back to normal and enjoy some baseball."

With crowds of around 10,000 expected at today's game, that sense of normalcy may be achievable.

Leah beasley - deputy athletic director at msu: "it's basically a sense of hope that things are continuing to progress.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel now.

People are getting back to normal and i think this weekend is gonna be a huge stepping stone in that direction."

((take tvu)) now, of course i had to ask pounds his prediction on the series... and he stuck with his dogs saying they'll win at least two out of three.

Also with such large crowds msu athletics are still looking to keep fans safe, making everyone wear a mask, maintain social distancing when possible, sanitization stations throughout the stadiums, and they will clean the stadium after use.

Reporting live in starkville, rhea thornton wtva 9 news.

Wtva's matt st jean is covering the events tomorrow and give us reaction from fans.

Look for him live right here on wtva 9 news.

A big event tomorrow for a