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Friday, 25 June 2021

Former MSU students create worldwide business

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Former MSU students create worldwide business
Former MSU students create worldwide business
Glo Cubes is sold in 38 different countries with nearly 4 million already sold.

Emily leonard... a business in the golden triangle struck gold... and are right now expanding during a time when many businesses are closing their doors.

Wtva's rhea thornton is live in oktibbeha county where she spoke with the ceo about the hit product.

Hagan walker is not only the ceo, but is also the co-founder of the business glo cubes... which started from very humble beginnings.


Hagan walker - co-founder, ceo of glo cubes: "we just kinda saw the opportunity and ran with it."

It all started as a class project.

Hagan walker - co-founder, ceo of glo cubes: "she was given a teacup and she basically said well if it lit up people would look at it and i'll get an a.'" but that project turned into a global business for two msu students.

Hagan walker - co-founder, ceo of glo cubes: "we had no background in business at all, right?

So i studied electrical engineering and my friend at the time was in graphic design."

That glowing teacup sparked the idea to create glowing cubes resembling ice cubes.

The product was picked up at bars, having the technology to turn off when the drink is empty... showing bartenders when a customer needs a refill.

But it didn't stop there... nat pop the product continued to grow with a letter the company received.

Hagan walker - co-founder, ceo of glo cubes: "we actually had a parent unrelated to us out in california that found the light up drink cubes, took one home, realized they were liquid activated and put it in the tub for her son that had autism.

She emailed us and told us it was the first time in months that her son had gotten in the tub without crying."

And from there the concept of glo pals was born.

Standup: "a pack of four like this costs ten dollars... and can be found in stores as big as target and macy's."

Since 2015, the company has already sold nearly four million cubes and are in 38 different countries.

But hagan said his biggest concern isn't about the money, but helping those who need a little brightness in their lives.

Hagan walker - co-founder, ceo of glo cubes: "we just want to make a product that's impactful and is fun but also can help people.

So, that's really the ultimate goal."

Hagan said glo pals recently signed a deal with sesame street... allowing the company to create glo pals of some of your favorite childhood characters.

Reporting live from starkville, rhea thornton wtva 9 news.

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