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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Festival international is back!

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Festival international is back!
Festival international is back!

The largest international music festival is returning but this time it'll be virtual and bigger than last year

Festival international is right around the corner and i's expected to be bigger and better this year... ne's 1's kourtney williams is live in the studio.

Kourtney tell me what are you most looking forward to?

Candace as you all know i love food so thats what im most looking forward to this year... the largest international music festival is returning but this time i'll be virtual and bigger than last year the marketing director for festival international says the main goal for this year is unity amongst everyone sot even though w're not together in person still being able to come together and celebrate cultural diversity and the arts and music of the world together is our main goal and w're definitely still able to accomplish that something unique to this virtual festival is being able to experience the food the executive director of festival international says all of the participating restaurants will be open for you to order food and watch virtually sot go check out the menu each restaurant has come up with there own festival dish and a lot of them are the dishes that they served during the live event so you might be able to go grab your favorite dish eat it at home and enjoy the music a total of fifty one performances are lined up for festival along with the opportunity to enjoy food and buy paintings from local artist viator says this experience has taught them a lot sot we have learned a lot through this virtual transition and some optimistic things that have come out of this w're able to reach a more global audience which is nice and w're going to continue to stream our events once we are back in person festival international has been virtual for two years but you may have a lot to look forward to next year sot i's just going to look a little different for one more year but you show your support and hang in there with us w'll be back in person next year festival international is set to happen via facebook live between april 21st through april 25th back to you candace thanks kourtney for more information about festival international you can check out our website at


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