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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Red Bluff Round-Up returns for 100th anniversary

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Red Bluff Round-Up returns for 100th anniversary
Red Bluff Round-Up returns for 100th anniversary

The 2021 Red Bluff Round-Up attracts people from across the nation to take part in this famous event.

Happening now - the red bluff round-up is*roping in the local community and people from across the nation to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Action news now reporter tori apodaca joins us live from the tehama county fairgrounds.

Tori, people you spoke with are traveling from all over?

Scott, some told me they've come from as far as michigan and florida.

Let me get behindthe camera and show you the people already lining up to go in.

The red bluff round up is lasso-ing in first timers and old timers this year.

Some driving infrom los angeles and others flying in to explore what red bluff has to offer.

The pandemic forced the round-up to cancel but now people tell me they excited the rodeo is back on this year.

Betty conley, visitor from zamora, ca "my husband and i have been attending the red bluff roundup for probably about 40 years.

And we missed it last year, so we are really excited to be back and visiting our friends.

It's a big family affair; we have a great time."

// david and judy weinsteim, visitors from los angeles "we were all set to come up last year, and it got cancelled of course.

So we just waited around and are glad it got put back on schedule and now we're here."

Tonight's lineup includes horse races, the wild pony race, barrel racing and muton bustin'.

The gates for the round-up open in less than an hour.

At 5, i'll break down how much of an economic impact the roundup has on the local economy.

Live in red bluff, tori apodaca.

Action news now.

Coverage you can count on.

The event will be going on from tonight through sunday at the tehama county fair grounds.


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